Signs that Your Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway Needs Professional Help

Major issues with an asphalt driveway or parking lot never happen overnight. There are normally signs that something isn’t quite right and needs some repair work done. Six of the most common signs to look out for are listed below.

Cracks and potholes: this is an unmistakable sign that your driveway or parking lot needs to […]

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How to Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot More Attractive

Did you know that there are lots of ways to make your parking lot attractive and safe? Some ways to improve the look of your parking lot and make it free of safety hazards include keeping it free of garbage and fixing cracks.  The cost of making a parking lot attractive does not have to […]

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Cold Tar Patching Can Help Save Your Pavement During the Winter Months

Winter has settled into the United States quite nicely this year. 2018 has come into existence with a bit of a boom in regards to freezing temperatures and winter storms. Winter weather presents several challenges for us, because it’s more difficult to pave in very cold temperatures. But we do have quite a lot of […]

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Can Damaged Asphalt Cause Damage to Vehicles?

The short answer is yes! But you probably aren’t here for the short answer, so we’re prepared to give you the long answer and describe just how damaging damaged asphalt can be to vehicles. You obviously feel a bump when you run over a pothole. You may even feel quite a jolt depending on the […]

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Choose Infrared Pothole Repair for Repairing Asphalt Regardless of the Season

Every industry in the world is evolving and advancing in some way – or it’s failing. You may be familiar with the old adage that goes something like, “if your business isn’t growing, it’s failing.” Much the same can be said for advancing technologically. One of the latest breakthroughs in asphalt and paving technology is […]

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Asphalt Sustainability: Where Blacktop Meets Green

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) has released a 12-page sustainability report that shows just how green blacktop is. We’ve shared sustainability information with you in previous blog posts, but today we wanted to show you some official information from NAPA.

Here are a few of the highlights you’ll see within the report:

Reduce Energy Consumption by […]

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6 Tips to Protect Your Asphalt this Winter


You may think that the cold temperatures are to blame for all your asphalt problems during the winter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is the ice and snow that wreaks havoc on your asphalt when it freezes, melts, and freezes again. When all that water freezes, it allows your asphalt to […]

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5 FAQs about Asphalt Cracks during the Winter


If you keep noticing that your asphalt is cracking this winter, you are not alone. All asphalt cracks during the winter months, because the snow and the ice melts and freezes continuously. All that expansion will create cracks in your asphalt.

You may not know exactly what to do with these cracks or when to call […]

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Your Fall Asphalt Maintenance Checklist Should include these Steps

Your asphalt does a lot of work throughout the year and it doesn’t always get the appreciation that it deserves for a job well done. After all, you park your car on it, walk on it, spill things on it, and practically ignore it unless it begins to fall apart.

We recommend that you start paying […]

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How New Pavement Will Help Sell Your Commercial Property Fast

If you are looking to sell your commercial property quickly, you may need to consider something other than how the building itself looks and functions. Most commercial property buyers are looking for more than a great building. They want it all, including amazing curb appeal.

New Asphalt Improves Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways that you […]

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