Tips for Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance for Your Commercial Parking Lot

No other type of parking lot material withstands the test of time as beautifully as well-maintained asphalt. Did you catch the key phrase there? Well-maintained; proper maintenance is extremely important to the life of your asphalt parking lot. So it is with that in mind that we’ve created this list of tips for the maintenance of your commercial parking lot. These tips work well for residential driveways as well, but we are going to focus primarily on a commercial setting. […]

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Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Looking Amazing Year After Year

Not many business owners think about protecting their asphalt parking lots, but they should. If your asphalt parking lot is in need of repair, it may affect the business in a negative way. The parking lot is the first thing that a customer sees as they are visiting a business and first impressions mean a lot. Many customers prefer to avoid driving their vehicle in parking lots that are riddled with potholes because they don’t want to risk damage to their tires or wheel alignment. […]

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Understanding the Sustainability of Asphalt

A lot of people believe asphalt to be unsustainable, so we wanted to give you a few facts today to prove otherwise. Asphalt is actually the best material for parking lots, driveways, and roadways because it is so sustainable – as well as recyclable, economically friendly, and ecologically friendly. Let’s take a look at several ways asphalt is better than other types of pavement. […]

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After-Winter Asphalt Inspections and Repair

Spring has sprung, and we’re finally finished with yet another Chicago area winter. While this winter was relatively mild, we did see some pretty cold snaps that included snowfall, so our roadways and parking lots took the usual freeze thaw damage. Here are several things we will look for during your asphalt inspection. […]

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Residential Asphalt Maintenance: Avoid the Following Damaging Conditions

If you have a driveway at home or accompanying a rental unit which consists of asphalt pavement you are likely aware of the ease with which true damage can be caused. The fact is that residential asphalt driveway damage that is severe such as potholes and major cracking can be avoided through preventative maintenance. […]

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Residential Asphalt Driveway Prevents Potholes and Cracks

While it may seem like the easy way to go by dealing with asphalt damage as it comes, the fact is that there are preventative measures which can be taken to keep your asphalt in top shape for a much more extended period of time. You do not have to treat your driveway like a fly-by-night purchase. If your asphalt driveway is riddled with chips, cracks, or potholes, you can have them repaired and then take specific preventative steps which will make the surface you have invested in last and serve you longer than you ever thought possible. Here we will discuss preventative maintenance for your residential asphalt driveway which will prevent chipping, cracking, and potholes, saving you grief and money for a much more extended period of time than you are currently experiencing – read on. […]

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Asphalt Paving Takes a Beating From the Elements – We Fight Back!

From baking in the sunlight to freezing under a sheet of ice, your asphalt paving takes a year-round beating from the weather it endures. The damage really becomes obvious with the dawn of each new spring, and you may the prospect of repairs and costs are quite overwhelming. While asphalt is both tough and attractive, it simply cannot remain that way without regular maintenance and upkeep. […]

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Asphalt Patching and Pothole Filling: Hot or Cold Patches?

We all know how the great city of Chicago goes from one weather extreme to the next from season to season. And we know what kind of havoc this weather can wreak on your asphalt paving. When you experience potholes or the need for asphalt pavement patching you find yourself facing a very important choice when it comes to maintenance: Should I go with hot mix or cold patching? What is the best choice for my needs? Here we will discuss both options, as well as what circumstances will dictate the best decision for your asphalt repair project. […]

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Post-Winter Asphalt Repairs Are Well Underway

Mother Nature has a way of wreaking havoc on paved surfaces. The freeze thaw process is very damaging to Chicago’s roadways and parking lots. We’re sure you’ve noticed an abundance of cracks, patches, and potholes that we haven’t had a chance to address yet. We’re getting there! Unlike our lone friend in the photo above, we have full crews of expert asphalt workers across the city making things happen. Let’s talk about how weather affects asphalt and the processes required to repair damaged asphalt. […]

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Asphalt Sealcoating and Line Painting Go Hand in Hand

Sealcoating is the process of using a squeegee or a sprayer to lay a coat of sealant on top of an asphalt surface. This process rejuvenates the color of the asphalt, effectively bringing it back to the perfect pitch black of new pavement. Because it does cover all lines and imperfections in the surface, new lines must be painted on parking lots and roadways every time a sealant is applied. Here’s a brief overview of the processes. We hope you will understand why it takes proper maintenance for your favorite parking lots or roadways to retain that just-paved appearance and functionality. […]

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